System Vacuum

System Vacuum
Sala La Coracha, CAC Málaga, Málaga, Spain
18 December – 17 January 2021
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One solution to further pause our rhythms of life is to reconnect with nature. Looking at the sea, time stands still. Drawing the sea, time passes by even slower. Time expands when we try to get into this image and understand it. The task of repetition is crucial. I find interesting the contradiction that it takes only a second to take a photo of the sea, but a month to try to capture this image with charcoal. What is the intention of taking thousands of photographs every day, moments that we upload on social networks and that disappear after 24 hours? In these circumstances, what is the sense of spending a whole month trying to copy a photo of the sea, making a durable image?

As a protest to the frenetic and consumerist lifestyle, I lend myself to the painstaking work of trying to capture with charcoal the small repetitions in the waves of the sea.