Residencia silvestre Cellers

Art Residency Residencia silvestre Cellers
June 2022, Cellers, Barcelona


Works carried out during the artistic residency carried out together with the Silvestre Gallery during the month of June 2022.

The project arises from an interest in everyday life, in the silent things that are present in our daily lives, but we pass by them without paying attention to them. Quoting Byung’Chul Han: “We get used to perceiving reality as a source of stimuli, of surprises. As information hunters we become blind to silent, discreet things, included in the usual things, the small or the common ones, which do not stimulate us, but anchor us in being.”

In my drawings I want to offer an invitation to stop looking at things as insignificant as they can be a shadow on some sheets or a wave on the lake and through contemplation of them open other perceptions of seeing the world, more slowly, seeking the
beauty in the simplest and most common. Trying to achieve a silent image, searching in every fold through coal dust, as Junichiro Tanizaki described, a shadow that encloses the thickness of silence.