Katarzyna Pacholik is a Polish artist living between Granada and Amsterdam. She colaborates with Galería Silvestre, Madrid. Her artistic practice centers entirely on the charcoal drawing, seeking out unique and significant natural habitats that still endure in our planet and with each drawing proposing a silent reflection about memorable experience possible within a contemplation of nature. At the same time, she continuously challenge the boundaries between drawing and photography reflecting on both mediums.  The creation process of her artworks evolves through the accumulation of layers. It begins with making photographs of objects or places that she finds intriguing and later, by adding a layer of charcoal powder on top of printed photos, she starts to reconsider these images and look for its hidden meaning. Only after that does she begin making sketches and later on final drawings, during which the layers of charcoal powder continue to accumulate, creating a rich depth that encloses, similar to what Tanizaki described as <the thickness of silence>. Through her works she wants to offer an invitation to silent contemplation of beauty that she finds in the simplest things and in our relation with nature. With her work she seeks to sensitize the viewer, proposing each drawing as a silent exercise of contemplation and imagination encouraging to change our relationship with the world. She trusts that through the immersion in nature, an opening towards an inner landscape that leads to harmony with oneself and with the universe becomes possible.