Travels Without Time


A FOLDER / double unfolding. 3´Internacional project of graphical interaction,original print and edition

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 The collage is created from photographs I have made during one of my recurring trips as an immigrant between my native country – Poland and my current place of residence – Spain. The trip for me is a transit time where one does not belong to any place, where is out of nationalities and habits. It is a transitory state between two places. Between a home and a second home. When you are an immigrant you always have two houses. And you are always not in one of them. During the trip there is a feeling of not belonging to any place or uprooting, which at first can be easily confused with the feeling of freedom.

Uprooting means the lack of roots. Lack of stability and durability. The trees, which can live for centuries, are to me the symbol of continuity, balance, home. When Ulysses, on his return, wakes up on the beach of Ithaca he caresses the old olive tree, that has remained the same as twenty years ago, to ensure that he has returned home.